Mom please stop drinking
You don’t realize how you’re acting.
We just want to go to sleep
Please stop yelling
Little sister has to wake up early for school
And it’s 1 in the morning

Yes i know your sad
Grandmas drinking too
You’d think that be enough for you
To see first hand how much
That champagne can hurt you

Just like her you think we don’t notice
The way your eyes go
The alcohol has stole your soul
Please stop yelling please stop yelling!

You’re sleeping all day
Just to sleep away your pain
But when you can’t sleep any loner
All you can do is lie and ponder

So you pour yourself some bubbly
But mom it doenst make you bubbly.

Yes I know the rooms a mess
But were tired lets just go to bed
Yes we will clean it in the morning
There’s no use arguing about it now

Grandma can’t even walk
At this rate she’s a ticking clock
But you’re not that bad yet you can stop
Please mom won’t you.

Just like her we can’t tell you
That we think you have a problem
You’ll just scream and say were all dumb
How dare we say that to you!

You “only have a glass or two”
“Want a real problem look at you”!
You tell us hurtful things
Do you know that you’re mean when you drink.

I remember when we used to
Do things like a family should do
Go out to eat, maybe watch a movie
But now your always tired and
Things are not the way they used to be

Grandpa is dying, and grandma might shortly follow
With all the poison she’s putting into her veins
How much will she drink when grandpa goes away?

What happens when they’re gone
How much worse will you get mom?
I’ll get my own place, little sister can come with me.
She’s already damaged though isn’t she?

I know it’s hard
I know it hurts
We want to help you
But god it hurts

When you lash out at us
When you scream at us
When we want some peace and quiet
But the nights always turn to riots

Go to sleep
Mom won’t you please
Maybe in the morning you’ll be in a better mood
We will wish on all our stars tonight
That maybe tomorrow there will be no feud

Look at grandma
She’s getting worse
Don’t you see
You’re becoming her?

Dad is getting old
Everyone is slowly slipping away
Me and sister, you will be all we have left
And mom we really need you to stay.

Don’t you love us
Dont you want to be
at sisters graduation
Where we can see her do better than me

Please stop drinking
Please stop yelling
What your mad over makes no sense
Please go to bed now
Let us go to bed now
Why are you always so tense

Please mom look in the mirror
Just because you don’t drink in the morning doesn’t mean you’re not there.

It’s still every njght now
Were growing very tired now
Don’t want to fight now
Please go to bed now
You’re so wasted right now
Do you not hear yourself right now
Grandma can’t get up now
Gotta go help her now
Mom do you see it now
You’re not far from this now
Only a matter of time now
Before you get worse and
You continue to go down down!

Soon it will be just us three
Please get stronger
So that we can be
A family
Sister needs you
And don’t forget I do too.

Mom please stop drinking
Stop yelling!
Just go to bed!
Just please for once just let us go to bed!

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seymourg asked: Words can't express how excited I am that I'm not the only one obsessed with Maddie's dancing and Sia's voice.

The song is so perfet! Her voice, and the lyrics…and that contemporary dance in the video….it’s just pure art! 

I am obsessed with the Chandelier music video by Sia.

So I just went through my whole favorites paged and realized most of those blogs were either deleted or no longer green blogs :o

So I kept the one that are still amazing but now the list is so short. I need to add some more beautiful and deserving green blogs.